About Us

The team at AeroDNA have been developing leading-edge planning & control solutions since 1998 specifically for the aerospace industry. As a result AeroDNA has been written and developed by engineers for engineers, always working closely with aerospace manufacturing companies to appreciate and accommodate their production methods. It has been designed to be logical for ease of use by all management, administration and shop floor personnel.

Our staff are not only experts within the IT industry; they also fully understand the aerospace industry and the tier in which you operate – ensuring we're able to best advise you on the right solutions to support your business.

AeroDNA is the result of several years close collaboration, innovation, development and live testing with Universities, OEMs and subcontractors working in the aerospace industry.

Through its consistent success AeroDNA has developed global sites in the UK, Poland, China, India, US, Mexico, France, Germany, Spain and Australia.

To ensure that the system can be continuously innovated at minimum cost AeroDNA has established a cross-functional team in Wuhan China that provide 24/7 technical on-line support, maintenance and software development.

About Us