Client Successes

Amtek Auto Components have partnered with AeroDNA to develop and deliver their global aerospace strategy. Amtek has its HQ in New Delhi and is a $1.4bn automotive business, with 48 sites around the world.
To develop a $150m aerospace business within 4 years that builds on existing core competence including castings, forgings and machining.
AeroDNA Approach:
Through a series of workshops with the Amtek leadership team, AeroDNA assessed the current manufacturing capability and mapped against growing market opportunities in the aerospace industry.

AeroDNA validated the proposed strategy with several OEMs and primes to ensure that the Amtek investment plans were aligned to their supply chain strategies. Almost each OEM and prime had differing strategies and constraints – it was therefore critical that we broadened the scope and included specific processes and technologies to accommodate the end customer base. This was a critical step to secure OEM sponsorship and ultimately OEM approval.


Confident that the Amtek strategy was aligned to OEM requirements. AeroDNA developed a detailed Aerospace Strategic Plan that defined the 10 year vision, marketing strategy, investment requirements and implementation plan. The technology transfer strategy was underpinned through strategic acquisitions, joint ventures and technology transfer licenses with US and European aerospace businesses.

Following Board approval of the Strategic Business Plan, AeroDNA started the engagement process with more than 50 US and European 2nd, 3rd and 4th tier manufacturing companies that were recognised within the industry as being market leaders in their niche technologies, had a broad range of OEM approvals, were willing to transfer work packages in India, and had sufficient technical and operation resource to deliver a successful technology transfer.
AeroDNA has identified 7 US and European partners for Amtek that are fully committed to the Amtek Aerospace strategy and have engaged with Amtek in different ways: from imminent acquisition through to joint venture and technology transfer licensing.

CLient Successes