Corporate Social Responsibility

We're passionate at AeroDNA about doing the right things, at the right time and in the right way, so acting responsibly isn't something we pay lip service to, it guides all that we do and everyone takes ownership to make it happen.

We're committed to our people and their development; to our customers and the suppliers who work with us to help serve them better, and to the communities and the environment that surrounds us.

The ways we act now, and the actions we take to improve our approach to Corporate Social Responsibility in the future, are constantly evolving to ultimately make us a truly responsible business.

AeroDNA endorses the definition of Corporate Social Responsibility as proposed by the World Bank:

"Corporate Social Responsibility is the commitment of business to contribute
to sustainable economic development – working with employees, their families,
the local community and society at large to improve the quality of life,
in ways that are both good for business and good for development."

AeroDNA's Approach to Corporate Social Responsibility:

Attaining Customer Satisfaction

We earn customer satisfaction and confidence by developing and offering beneficial and reliable products and services. To gain the trust of our customers and to ensure their satisfaction, we will provide products and services that address our customers' needs and aspirations, and meet or exceed applicable industry standards for safety, quality, and reliability.

Development of New and Innovative Technologies

We are committed to working actively to break ground in new technological areas that help to engender best practice and help to achieve the future prosperity of organisations to which we supply our services and solutions.

Conducting Fair Corporate Activities

We endorse fair, transparent and free competition - and ensure that our relationships and dealings with all government agencies and political bodies are of a normal and proper nature. We will engage in healthy and fair competition that is in full compliance with applicable laws and regulations and we will deal with our business partners and suppliers in a fair manner.

Information Disclosure

We aim to deliver accurate and sufficient corporate information in a timely, clear, and appropriate manner whilst seeking to continually enhance the transparency of our day to day business activities. We actively engage in communication not only with our stakeholders but also with our customers, suppliers and business partners.

Protecting Human Rights

We respect human rights in all our corporate activities, never accepting any discriminatory practices or child or forced labour.

Valuing Employees

We seek to foster an atmosphere in which our employees can fully demonstrate their skills and abilities, and in which their diversity and individuality is valued. We strive to maintain a safe and comfortable workplace environment in which our employees are treated fairly and with dignity and respect, and in a manner consistent with the laws and regulations of each country and region where we do business.

Protecting Intellectual Property and Personal Information

We recognise the value of intellectual property and personal information and operate a range of initiatives and internal procedures to ensure that they are properly managed. We will work to safeguard the security of critical and sensitive information in our possession, and endeavour to protect any personal and/or confidential information that is entrusted to us by our customers, employees, business partners and suppliers.

Environmental, Resources and Energy

We fulfil our duty of care for environmental conservation by carrying out our product development and business activities in an environmentally-conscious manner. Wherever practicable, we contribute to the development of a sustainable recycling economy and ensure that waste is minimised through the introduction of new technologies and the efficient utilisation of our information.

If your business is involved in Fair Trade, Ethical Products or Green Technology we will support you by providing AeroDNA at a special subsidised price, thereby helping you to help others.

Corporate Social Responsibility