Quality Policy

AeroDNA's Quality Policy is to enhance customer satisfaction through continuous improvement, operational excellence and the timely delivery of quality products and services.

In support of this policy AeroDNA will ensure:

All employees are aware of their personal responsibilities in delivering quality, fit for purpose products and solutions for all their internal and external customers and to seek to improve process, products and performance on a continual basis.

AeroDNA works in partnership with employees, contractors, customers, suppliers and regulators to strive for excellent operational performance and customer satisfaction, with a particular focus on:

  • Improving product and service quality
  • Improving cost effectiveness and efficiency
  • Pro-actively managing internal and external supply chains
  • Developing a positive attitude to achieving excellent performance and to satisfying both internal and external customers
  • Maintaining systems for continuous improvement, sharing good practice and learning from experience within (and external to) the group
  • Having suitable arrangements for document retention and records management

AeroDNA ensures that all activities are adequately resourced and carried out by trained and competent people.

AeroDNA has effective systems in place for Audit and Inspection and Management Review and actively uses these outcomes from these improvements which are implemented and embedded throughout the business planning process.

Wherever applicable, AeroDNA uses appropriate national and international standards, certification and award schemes to help satisfy customers and achieve business objectives.

AeroDNA controls, assesses and monitors changes to ensure the desired effect is achieved in all aspects of its business activities and performance.

Quality Policy