Process Excellence

AeroDNA has formed a joint venture with Agile Business Solutions UK Ltd to provide clients a consultancy service that delivers process excellence. Agile have extensive international experience of successfully developing and deploying sustainable improvement programmes in aerospace subcontractors across Europe, Asia and the USA. We tailor our approach to suit the needs of our clients depending on the nature and complexity of each project.

Our Approach

The "Agile Way" consists of 4 key phases: Develop, Deploy, Measure & Sustain and Continuously Improve. This tried and tested approach is applied to all our client activity.

Our experience extends to the following areas:

  • Strategy Development and Deployment
  • Make versus Buy Assessment (Products & Services)
  • Strategic Sourcing Solutions (including Low Cost Sourcing)
  • Programme Management
  • Supply Chain Development & Management
  • Global Logistics
  • Change Management Programmes
  • Supporting Growth through Developing increased Rate Capability
  • We ensure that all our programmes are sustainable through coaching and knowledge transfer

We will coach and support your project team to ensure the knowledge transferred enables them to manage and support future projects.

To learn more about how AeroDNA and Agile can support your business to develop process excellence then please contact us at .

Process Excellence