"OpenBook™ provides real time analysis and reporting tools that give you unprecedented insight and control over your operations and supply chain"

OpenBook™ is a collaborative planning portal that shares operational information dynamically between organisations and enables businesses to effectively compete as extended enterprises.

OpenBook™ is an Extended Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP2) system that integrates with multiple supplier ERP systems to present critical supply chain information to all relevant collaborative partners through intuitive customisable dashboards and reports.

OpenBook™ presents information such as:

  • demand visibility
  • capacity availability
  • inventory levels
  • order book status
  • quality, cost, delivery performance

Changes in supplier promise dates or customer required dates are dynamically maintained and can be uploaded into individual ERP systems to run scenario plans and management by exception reports.

OpenBook™ streamlines internal operations significantly reducing the need for manual updating of order book status reports. OpenBook™ empowers users to make more informed proactive decisions which ultimately improves overall operational performance, compresses leadtimes and reduces supply chain waste.

To learn more about how AeroDNA supports collaborative planning across extended enterprises, please contact [email protected].

OpenBook TM