Low Cost Sourcing

AeroDNA provides an integrated low cost sourcing solution to its US and European clients and has developed supply chain partners in India, China, UAE and Eastern Europe.

AeroDNA adds most value by creating a reliable supply chain infrastructure in emerging economies through the unique combination of value added systems and services:

  • facilitating technology transfers with Western businesses to establish best practice knowhow
  • developing leadership teams and embedding robust processes
  • providing end-to-end visibility through cloud based software solutions
  • driving continuous improvement to ensure competitive pricing and reliable quality and delivery
  • locally supporting the RFQ, purchase order management, FAIR sign off and logistics process

AeroDNA supports clients to define a make vs. buy strategy and then design a supply chain strategy that will deliver their overall objectives at minimum risk and total cost of acquisition. We support various client low cost sourcing strategies that generally fall into one of the following categories:

  • strategic differentiation to secure existing customers and attract new opportunities
  • deliver a solution to customers to generate offset credits
  • sourcing lower cost products to remain competitive
  • broaden range of potential work package opportunities by outsourcing non-core commodities
  • offload capacity to enable new product introduction of more strategic or higher margin orders
  • penetration into new markets to better understand local practices and potential opportunities before making significant investment

Purchase Orders are raised by our clients directly onto the supply chain partners that have been developed and supported by AeroDNA. Our business model is to agree either a one-off consultancy fee for an agreed period or as a percentage of savings generated.

For more information on how AeroDNA can drive down Total Cost of Acquisition in your business, please contact .

Low Cost Sourcing