Providing Building Blocks for the Indian Aerospace Industry

The Indian Aerospace & Defence sectors are among the fastest growing markets in the world with increased defence budgets and an expanding consumer base comprising airlines, businesses and High Net Worth Individuals. The rapid growth of these sectors has attracted major global Aerospace & Defence companies to India.

There are several factors driving growth in manufacturing in India’s Aerospace & Defence sectors. These include both macro and micro factors - strong economic growth that has resulted in rapidly growing domestic aircraft demand, the liberalization of civil aviation policies, offset requirements, a strong domestic manufacturing base, cost advantages, a well-educated talent pool, the ability to leverage IT competitiveness and a liberal Special Economic Zones law that provides attractive fiscal benefits for developers and manufacturers.

However there are significant challenges that are inhibiting the potential growth in the sector such as access to technology, sufficient skills and capacity to meet growing demand and limited supply chain approvals & manufacturing processes.

AeroDNA is focused on overcoming these challenges by supporting ambitious Indian companies to partner with US / European companies and provide a turnkey service from initial engagement, Joint Venture Agreement and Technology Transfer license through to Industrialisation, OEM approval and Business Development.

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