Aerospace Recruitment

AeroDNA have partnered with several Aerospace Recruitment Agencies in strategic global locations to provide connectivity with an experienced talent pool of technical, operational and commercial experts.

AeroDNA have researched best-in-class organisation structures based on commodity and tier in the supply chain and have defined roles and responsibilities that state pre-requisite qualifications and experience. Each role has a pre-defined training programme and succession plan that drives employee motivation, empowerment and growth.

Through our expansive network of global aerospace recruitment agencies and partners we identify and engage ex-pat key personnel that have specialised technical, operational and commercial experience. We support the recruitment of Business Unit Managers through to technicians that specialise in niche aerospace manufacturing processes.

AeroDNA has also partnered with recruitment agencies and aerospace partners in India, UAE, China and Poland to search and select local talent that best fits the requirement of our clients. Our thorough understanding of the aerospace industry enables us to scratch below the surface and identify true talent.

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Aerospace Recruitment