Aggregated Procurement

The OEM approval restrictions, fragmented global supply and breadth of material specifications required for the Aerospace industry creates many challenges for smaller aerospace businesses that have limited leverage and experience of dealing with large global raw material stockists and mills.

AeroDNA recognised the benefit of aggregating the demand of its global manufacturing clients to leverage improved prices and availability. Consequently AeroDNA has developed an on-line e-procurement platform - GroupBuy™ to provide dynamic pricing and stock availability at negotiated rates and service levels based on economies of scale, smoother demand and improved order transaction process.

GroupBuy™ enables raw material, standard Aircraft General Spares, consumable and equipment suppliers to host live pricing and availability information to streamline the ordering process. Users of GroupBuy™ can quote on customer work packages and purchase the hosted items reassured that they are using the latest prices, stock and lead-time information.

GroupBuy™ uses a standard coding system for all purchased items which can be matched against internal naming codes within Users or Suppliers.

GroupBuy™ captures many-to-many supply chain performance, for example if GroupBuy™ Users have a history of poor payment to suppliers then this is visible for all consortium members, alternatively if suppliers have poor quality and delivery performance to a number of suppliers then this is also visible. The openness of the portal and its consortium members encourages all participants to honour its payment terms and deliver product right first time, on time, every time.

If the material requested by a User is not available or can be sourced at a better price or leadtime from another supplier then GroupBuy™ records the items to provide a closed feedback loop. This way GroupBuy™ continuously ensures that is has partnered with the most competitive suppliers and that all items required by the User base are captured within the on-line catalogue.

Users can also be suppliers i.e. if a User has slow moving stock or has had to buy a large minimum order quantity then the User can host its availability on GroupBuy™ stating the price and immediate availability. Alternatively if a User is ordering material and already knows that only a percentage of the material will be utilised then it can advertise its future availability.

GroupBuy™ generates User and Supplier ratings which are based on financial, quality and delivery performance. Users and Suppliers can also score Customer / Supplier Satisfaction to monitor the performance of the relationship and identify areas for improvement.

If Users do not use AeroDNA as its ERP system then they can still benefit from GroupBuy™ by using the On-line catalogue to view dynamic pricing and availability. The User can reserve the material on GroupBuy™ and a reference number will be generated. The User can then use its legacy ERP system to generate the Purchase Order and enter the GroupBuy™ Reference Number to ensure preferential pricing and availability. The User maintains GroupBuy™ with GIN information and the Customer still maintains payment information - this way customer and supplier performance is still captured within GroupBuy™ - if the User or Supplier does not maintain GroupBuy™ then it reduces their ratings which are visible to the consortium.

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Aggregated Procurement