JVs, Mergers & Acquisitions

AeroDNA supports clients with Joint Ventures, Mergers & Acquisitions to enable rapid penetration into the global aerospace industry. We work with our clients to define their investment strategy and identify suitable partners through our extended global network that meet the scope and are primed for a potential sale or joint venture.

We identify strategic acquisition and joint venture opportunities for our clients and provide a turnkey solution from project inception to post-deal business restructuring and operational leadership.

An increasing trend for companies seeking to fast track a foothold in the competitive aerospace industry is to acquire businesses that offer specialised capability and/or access to strategic markets. Aerospace OEMs limit the number of suppliers they approve which can inhibit the growth of ambitious companies. However despite aerospace approvals being site specific, it is a much more compelling argument to approve new sites if a Group company is already approved.

For example, an Asian or Middle Eastern company acquiring a European manufacturing business with multiple customer quality approvals will generate significant interest from major customers if they can exhibit a robust Technology Transfer plan, provide a risk free route to Low Cost Sourcing and leverage offset obligations.

AeroDNA works closely with its clients to define target company caracteristics and then actively seek suitable candidates through its expansive global network. AeroDNA works with its clients to down select the list and negotiate a deal that works for both parties. We can provide turnkey support through our network of corporate finance and legal advisers.

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JVs, Mergers & Acquisitions