Technology Transfer

AeroDNA facilitates Technology Transfer Partnerships between clients to support the transfer of specialised expertise, quality approvals and access to strategic markets. We actively seek suitable partners to ensure 'win-win' collaborations where both clients achieve commercial and/or strategic benefit.

To quickly access new aerospace technologies and global markets it is highly recommended to buy-in the expertise from sector and technology specialists. Companies can avoid a lot of wasted time and investment by partnering with the experts.

AeroDNA has developed a global network of world class machining, fabrication, treatments, assembly, MRO and composite manufacturing businesses. We introduce companies - whose requirements, capabilities and cultures are aligned - and facilitate collaborative arrangements based on win-win commercial and/or strategic objectives. Our technology transfer experts programme manage the successful deployment of sustainable technologies against pre-defined timescales and success criteria.

If you want to find a partner that can help you develop technical expertise or quickly access a new market, then please contact us at

Technology Transfer