"AeroDNA-ERP™ optimises efficiency, customer confidence and profitability"

AeroDNA-ERP™ is an integrated manufacturing ERP software solution developed specifically for aerospace manufacturing subcontractors. In one comprehensive package AeroDNA-ERP™ tracks orders and jobs, from quotation through invoicing allowing aerospace sub-contractors to quickly gain complete control of their businesses.

AeroDNA-ERP™ enables organisations to optimise the planning and operation of their company's commercial and production processes whilst fully conforming to ISO ASEN 9100 requirements.

AeroDNA-ERP™ is the perfect solution for both experienced aerospace subcontractors and businesses that are attempting to penetrate the aerospace industry and do not yet have AS9100 approval.

AeroDNA-ERP™ can support the full breadth of subcontract manufacturing commodities within the aerospace industry, such as machining, fabrication, assembly and surface treatments. AeroDNA-ERP™ supports the entire aerospace product lifecycle and accommodates all types of customer orders from prototypes, concessions, tooling, steady-state production orders, 'Aliens & Strangers' spares and urgent Aircraft on Ground (AOG) parts.

Instead of making you change to fit external solutions AeroDNA-ERP™ provides a lean and flexible manufacturing system which is tailored to conform to the way you do business. We give you the true capacity to out-perform your competitors because we treat manufacturing MRPII software as a unique opportunity to innovate for our customers.

For more information about how AeroDNA-ERP™ streamlines AS9100 / NADCAP processes and optimises operational performance, please contact .