How does it work?

Step 1:
Raw Material & Consumable Suppliers upload latest pricing and availability
Step 2:
GroupBuy standardises material codes to compare 'like for like' and ranks materials by price, availability and supplier performance
Step 3:
GroupBuy Users compare actual supplier pricing and availability at Quotation stage to provide accurate customer quotation – if the quotation is likely to be successful the User can either reserve or purchase the material in advance of the order to secure availability
Step 4:
User generates purchase order through GroupBuy which is automatically received by Supplier.
Step 5:
Supplier acknowledges purchase order on-line and confirms price and delivery date.
Step 6:
If User needs to change schedule date of material prior to delivery then the User can request a new date via GroupBuy which can be accepted or rejected on-line by the supplier
Step 7:
Supplier delivers material, User performs inspection and generates Goods-in Number using GroupBuy – exception reports are automatically sent to supplier and quality / delivery performance is captured
Step 8:
Supplier sends invoice via GroupBuy to User
Step 9:
Supplier acknowledges payment on GroupBuy and reduces outstanding debtor balance – payment performance is automatically captured