NPI™ is a web-based platform that streamlines best practice new product introduction processes.

AeroDNA recognises that the new introduction process of aerospace work packages can be very difficult to rigorously manage each of the critical processes for all products whilst maintaining programme status and achieving milestone objectives.

Some of these critical steps include:

  • Quotation and commercial review
  • Production engineering
  • OEM approved material supply
  • CNC Programming & trial out
  • CMM inspection
  • OEM approved treatment process
  • First Article Inspection Report
  • Certificate of Conformity

NPI™ enables companies to maintain dynamic programme status and manage by exception. A pre-defined project plan is loaded into NPI™ which clearly states all the activities that need to be carried out by who and by when. Internal and external 'players' are assigned a web-based task console which enables tracking of all outstanding actions and current performance. As tasks are completed the predefined workflow creates a new action for subsequent operations.

NPI™ provides resource capacity management by continually reviewing capacity availability and demand loading. For example a Quality Engineer working 40 hours per week with a cycle time of one FAIR per hour will process 40 FAIRs in a week. This resource planning visibility enables organisations to ensure sufficient capacity is allocated to meet programme milestones.

The NPI™ dashboard is dynamically maintained and tracks programme status and performance of individual and collective players.

Aerospace companies use NPI™ to transfer work packages into supply chain partners or to inload new customer packages.

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