Develop Partnerships with US/ European Aerospace & Defence Companies

The highly regulated Aerospace & Defence industries have high barriers to entry and the gestation period from initial investment through to cash breakeven is longer than other sectors. However the opportunity for Indian companies is significant with a ten-fold growth required over the next 5 years to meet OEM sourcing strategies and offset requirements.

AeroDNA’s approach is to accelerate the transfer of knowhow and order book through the facilitation of global Acquisitions, Joint Venture Agreement, Technology Transfer partnerships and Turnkey Industrialisation projects.

Some of the significant benefits of working with AeroDNA include:

Accelerate technology transfer

  • AeroDNA aligns market opportunities to a company’s existing manufacturing capability and bridges the technology gap through a robust technology transfer programme by partnering with US/European companies that already provide target manufacturing processes and customer products.

Accelerate market penetration

  • Through strategic global partnerships or acquisitions, Indian companies can build on years of experience and longstanding customer relationships, performance track record and confidence levels which will fast track OEM sponsorship for approvals, requests for quotation and order book growth. AeroDNA provides Business Development services for Indian clients to access global customers through its expansive network of OEMs and their supply chains.

Buy & Build

  • AeroDNA can facilitate rapid growth through acquisitions and joint ventures to access new markets and technologies, securing critical mass in a growing sector and generating healthy profit margins through economies of scale

Controlled Scalable Growth

Accelerate P.O. to Profitability

  • AeroDNA compresses the learning curve and ensures right first time by adopting proven out standard operating procedures.

Compete Globally

  • Indian companies must compete with Western suppliers through manufacturing and supply chain efficiencies and not rely on the short term lower labour rates for a competitive edge. AeroDNA ensures its Indian clients invest in the state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment that is fit-for-purpose and operated by fully trained engineers. In addition, AeroDNA prevents Indian companies from replicating the fragmented supply chain networks prevalent in the West by consolidating constraint processes and implementing upstream and downstream solutions.

For more information please contact Jim Walters at [email protected] or download our ADAPT brochure (Aerospace & Defence Acceleration Programme & Technologies) here to learn how to get started and how we work.

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